Rosetium Views on Market Transformation and Supporting Theses

We believe that we are observers, curators and contributors to healthcare's Age Of Enlightenment. There has never been a more exciting time to be in our industry. The trillion dollar shift is only negative for those trying to preserve status quo and can't see the massively expanded opportunity.

As William Gibson said, "The future is here. It's just unevenly distributed."

Our strongly held belief is that every system-level fix that is needed for healthcare to realize its full potential has already been invented and proven. We've seen these models with our own eyes and are thrilled with how they dramatically out-perform against the Quadruple Aim objectives. We align with the organizations committed to broadly scaling these proven solutions.

Rosetium conceived of the Open Source Health Rosetta project that decodes what is often indecipherable: the fully optimized health benefits stack (vs. the wildly underperforming health benefits stack.) We feel it is just too important to keep proprietary and no one company could fully tackle it especially as technology rapidly transforms what is even possible. 

While healthcare innovation was largely stagnating in the 2000's, we spent time in another industry that was going through similar transitions to what is happening in healthcare today. The moves - or lack thereof - by incumbent media organizations provide object lessons for incumbent healthcare organizations. 

For example, one's position as a decades-long or even century-long market leader provides no defense against broader market forces. Among the incumbents' sins were a Zero Sum Game view of the landscape. Even aggressive technology companies trying to gain leadership in the next phase of media and entertainment made moves we can learn from. One such example is Microsoft and how the company deployed massive resources towards new opportunities that Xbox and MSN both pursued. The outcomes couldn't be more different in terms of how those mega-bets positioned Microsoft for the future. As an incumbent, we can guide you toward the Xbox path instead of the MSN path.

At Rosetium, we are so excited about the remarkable opportunity to have healthcare reach its full potential that we are in the development stages of a transformative documentary designed to highlight the solutions to today's healthcare under-performance. Of course, there are flashes of brilliance in today's health ecosystem, but it's hard to imagine any scenario in history where more smart, passionate, hard-working people (doctors, nurses and allied health professionals) have applied their skills and knowledge to achieve a more disappointing result. Literally millions of well-intentioned health professionals are working inside of a catastrophic design failure.

Many of the most enlightened health professionals and individuals have contributed to a set of guiding principles for a reinvented health system in 95 Theses for a New Health Ecosystem: Health and healthcare will reach its full potential with new incentives and the democratization of health information. Rosetium is teaming with these organizations to help put into action the new delivery models, technologies and tools that are vital to reinventing health and healthcare. Contact us to explore how we can help you achieve your vision and goals.