At Rosetium, we are passionate about accelerating the shift to a higher value health ecosystem...

Rosetium focuses on supporting the early years of high growth new businesses from go-to-market strategy guidance, new market exploration and all stages of funding. High growth ventures benefit from our experience having crowdfunded and bootstrapped at the early stages of a startup or conceiving of new ventures inside of well-established organizations. As they mature, ventures also benefit from our experience with venture funding and M&A. 

Healthcare's Gutenberg Moment

In the U.S. healthcare market alone, the shift of over $1 trillion of annual revenues from one set of players to another is underway, almost imperceptibly. For a new venture, a missing element can make the difference between a massive win or loss. The winners will combine the inventive, resourceful nature of startups with the ability to rapidly scale and draw on the assets of large enterprises. Tomorrow's winners will be defined by authentic leaders and organizations that have had their own Copernican realization and understand how to harness healthcare's Gutenberg Moment.

Tomorrow's radically transparent health ecosystem demands more than clever marketing catch phrases and a veneer of so-called "patient centricity." Rosetium successfully works with established market leaders who have incredible assets, but who are often missing key elements in their approach to the market. Market leaders appreciate that Rosetium services bring a fresh, outside perspective. We see the full range of health innovation from new healthcare delivery organizations and startup technology companies. Emerging and high-growth businesses appreciate that we fully understand the brutally challenging journey from conceiving an idea (the easy part) through broad market adoption and a wildly successful business.