There have been open source projects in healthcare for a long time. No doubt, many companies are like Avado when we used open source components in our product. Most people think of open source as limited to software code. However, the ethos of open source is being used more and more. The following are examples of innovative doctors using the ethos of open source to advance health and wellness:

  • Dr. Stephen Friend was a successful bioinformatics entrepreneur before running Research for Merck's Oncology business. He is the founder and CEO of Sage Bionetworks that is creating a commons for pre-competitive research. Learn more by reading Open Source pre-competitive drug discovery: Moving beyond linear investigations - both of the science and of how we work (PDF).
  • Dr. Bill Thomas was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of 12 most influential Americans shaping aging in the 21st Century. He is currently on tour to highlight promote the open source project around dramatically improving what he calls "elderhood" -- the stage of life after childhood and adulthood.
  • Dr. Eric Topol recently called for an international open source resource of health data or “massive, open, online medicine resource (MOOM)” in Nature Genetics.
  • is a new non-profit co-founded by Leonard Kish that aims is building an open-source platform for health data ownership with trusted collection and anonymous sharing.
  • Fred Trotter has created DocGraph, originally out of a FOIA request to CMS around physician data, which has grown to include multiple open health data sets.


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