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8 Steps That Could Save Employers $500 Billion And Delight Their Workforce

Posted 6/22/2015, Forbes

"Despite the fact that health benefits are typically the second biggest expense (after wages) for most employers, far too many CEOs and CFOs have failed in their fiduciary responsibility to manage such a large cost item effectively. This passivity and reliance on so-called “experts” to advise their benefits strategy has cost them and their employees dearly. Simply shifting the burden to employees in the form of high deductible health plans just adds financial stress to employees that indirectly costs the company down the road. Fortunately, there are some employers who have taken the bull by the full article."

Healthcare "Tax" Has Crushed Nest Eggs By $1,000,000 Per Household

Posted 5/27/2015, Forbes

"It’s been reported that 80% of employer payroll increases have gone to pay healthcare costs over last 20+ years so employer costs have increased with little going in the pockets of workers (not to mention no meaningful improvement in overall health outcomes). Over the last 50 years, the cost of consumer goods and services have gone up eight-fold with one exception — healthcare. Healthcare costs have increased full article."

Economic Development 2.0: Playing The Healthcare Card

Posted 5/26/2015, Forbes

A strong case was made by Jim Clifton, the Chairman of Gallup, that we’re in World War III in his book The Coming Jobs War. Just as the previous wars impacted which countries would lead the world in prosperity, the “war” we are in will dictate which communities get the lion’s share of the jobs (and thus prosperity).

A common economic development approach for communities is to put a marketing veneer on their community and throw some tax breaks at corporations to entice them to relocate. Economic Development 2.0 recognizes that all the tax breaks in the world are dwarfed by differences in healthcare value from one community to full article."

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